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Birds can be a great hazard for a business, with nesting birds compromising hygiene, and harassing customers.

We can control pigeons, seagulls and other birds for you. We offer a range of methods to prevent bird infestations, and enable you to keep your business or residence free from unwanted avian incursions.


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Having pigeons nesting on a business property is a hygiene hazard and their excrement is particularly hazardous in settings like restaurants, hotels, pubs, and offices. We have a number of deterrent measures that can be used to effectively prevent pigeons from nesting, and offer a complete service for bird control in Brighton.


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These noisy birds are especially prevalent in Brighton, and other seaside towns along the South Coast. Seagulls are protected in many ways legally, meaning that we cannot disturb their nests or dispatch them directly. However, we offer a comprehensive seagull deterrent service, including bird netting and spikes to deter roosting and nesting habits.



Why control birds?

Bird droppings contain all kinds of harmful bacteria including Campylobacter and Salmonella, and are highly unpleasant and discouraging around a hospitality environment where a clean and fresh image is all important. Whatever your bird problem, Ratboy Slim Pest Control is here to help.






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