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We are here to help householders and businesses owners deal with rats, mice, and other rodent pests in a humane way.

Additionally, we will help you prevent further rat and mice infestations, and help you keep these pests away after our work is complete. We offer pest control for a wide range of rodents, including mice, rats and squirrels.


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For any eating establishment, having rats in the kitchen or dining area is potentially a disaster. They are also a hazard in the home, gnawing through electrical cables, and damaging timber framework and soffits. You don't have to try to deal with the problem yourself. With our professional and efficient service for rodent control in Brighton, you can eliminate rats from your property, and ensure you satisfy customers and health inspectors alike.


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You can distinguish mice from rats as they are usually smaller. However, mice like rats are a hazard in the kitchen and around the home due to their habit of eating stored produce, leaving droppings wherever they go, and also gnawing at cables, timber, and other household items. They are very difficult for a householder to remove completely. We can help you with this.



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While squirrels can be charming visitors to a garden, they occasionally nest in attics, and are regular and tenacious bird-feeder raiders. They can also cause damage to gardens and property, leading to a risk of water leaks, or even electrical fires, if they gnaw on cables. Ratboy Slim offer a range of creative ways to deter squirrels humanly and effectively.



Whether you are dealing with a rat problem, or need to prevent mice from coming into your property, you can rely on Ratboy Slim Pest Control.

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