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While these are uncommon, an adder is not a good toy for your beloved pet. Our specialist team are available to help.

As specialist snake handlers, we are happy to come and remove a snake from your garden, and release it into a safer environment. Adders in particular are a treasured and protected species, but if you have a dog or cat, they can likewise be a danger. Handling an adder, or even a grass snake, requires knowledge and care. Remember, it is illegal to kill or injure a wild snake in the UK.


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Helping to preserve vulnerable species in the UK

By removing adders and other snakes from gardens in the Brighton area, and rehoming them in the wild, we help to prevent them come into conflict with humans and animals in gardens, where they are more likely to be injured or killed. Grass snakes are often encountered where there are garden ponds, as they like to predate on frogs, and even fish. Adders are less likely in gardens, but you may come across one if your garden is near woodland, heath, or waste ground.

Rest assured if you come across a snake in your garden that you are concerned about, we will deal with them carefully and respectfully, taking the utmost care to make sure they do not come to harm.





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