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Rat control in Brighton

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Ratboy Slim Pest Control offers a complete pest removal service for homes and businesses within 12 miles of Brighton. Whether you require wasp nest removal or rat control in Brighton

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  • Brighton
    ncluding Hove, Shoreham, Kemptown, Portslade, Patcham, and Southwick
  • Worthing
    Including Lancing, Sompting, Findon and Steyning
  • Newhaven
    Peacehaven, Seaford, Rottingdean, Saltdean
  • Burgess Hill
    Haywards Heath, Hassocks, Husterpoint, Henfield and Lewes

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Frequently asked Pest Control questions

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What kind of pests do you remove?

We treat infestations of wasps, ants, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, mice, rats, reptiles, squirrels, flies, moths and amphibians.


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How fast can you get to us?

We usually offer same day or next day treatments. Many pests will require repeat visits to ensure the treatment is effective.


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Will my neighbours know about me having pest control over?

No, we use a discreet and unmarked van, and perform our work with the utmost discretion for you.


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How do you get rid of mice and rats?

Wherever possible, we use non-toxic means, which is more humane and less dangerous to other wildlife, preventing secondary poisoning.


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How do you treat fleas?

We recommend to treat any pets you may have first, and wash their bedding. It is also highly beneficial to vacuum carpets and flooring. After this, we will call round and spray the carpets and soft furnishings to eradicate any fleas hiding in the furniture.


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How do you treat wasps?

With wasps in loft entrances and roof soffits, we have a specialist lance to reach and treat the problem from the ground. Ground nests are sometimes more difficult to deal with in one visit, but rest assured, if there are any wasps remaining, we will come around again to complete the removal for you.


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